Conservation Club of Brockport
"More than just a gun club. We are a social and family club, and have been for over 60 years."
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Young Hunters: When and How to Get Children Started
Welcome to the Official Conservation Club Website
The Board of Directors welcome you to our official website.  Our goal is to make the Conservation Club of Brockport one of the finest organizations of it's kind in the area.

Incorporated in January, 1956, The Conservation Club of Brockport is located on eighty-eight acres at 291 LaDue Road in beautiful Brockport, NY 14420.

The purposes for which this club is organized are to conserve, restore, and manage the game, fish, and other wildlife and it's habitat; to seek to procure improved hunting and fishing for landowners and sportsman.  To promote interest in hunting, shooting, archery, fishing, and to encourage and educate it's members and the general public in the principles of safety.  To encourage and provide social and friendly interaction among it's members.

We are more than just a “gun club”.  We are a social and family club, and we have been for over 60 years.
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God Bless America
291 LaDue Road Brockport, New York 14420
Phone: 585.637.5961
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News At A Glance

2018 Membership
Applications are now being accepted. To ensure uninterrupted Range Privileges, your Membership Application must be post marked no later than January 31st 2018.
Regardless of whether or not any of your information has changed, when renewing your membership:

1. You must fill out a membership

2. All line items on the application must be filled out completely and legibly. (Especially e-mail address)
Illegible handwriting may delay your renewal.

Membership applications are available at the club, and can also click here to download.

NOTE: For new members there will be a $25.00 Initiation Fee in addition to the annual membership fee.  This is a one-time only fee.

Fall Raffle 2018
Our fall raffle is set for Saturday September 22nd from 4-7pm. Prizes are going back to guns and
some cash. The meal will consist of a chicken bbq with all the fixin’s. This raffle is fast approaching so please turn in any tickets you have sold so we can begin buying food and supplies needed the day of the raffle.
More News
Open Trap Shooting
Monday Night Trap is open every Monday. Even
holidays. Shooting starts at 5:30 pm, and runs
until 9:00 pm. All members are welcome as well
as the general public.
The cost is $3.50 per round for members, $4.00
per round for non-members and $2 per round for
shooters under the age of 18.
Members can purchase 10-Shoot punch cards
for $30.00 at any of the Club’s General meetings.
If you are interested, free trap shooting lessons
are available for beginning shooters.
**We could always use member help opening up on Monday nights, as well as stocking the houses, and scoring targets.**
Contact Brent Horschel at: for details, questions, or if you’d like to help out.

Welcome "The Well Armed Woman"

The Well-Armed Woman is a non-profit organization that educates women on firearm safety, gun care and gun handling. They are committed to empowering women to be their own self-protectors. They work to give women the knowledge and skills to safely and effectively
protect themselves should the need arise.
For more information, contact Debbie Calhoun @ 585-519-1430.

Important Reminder
The Well-Armed Woman (TWAW) will have exclusive rights to use the Outdoor Range on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from  5-9pm through October.  The Outdoor Range will be closed to other shooters during this time

Another Important Reminder
For safety reasons, the outdoor Rifle/Pistol Range will be closed while Flying Arrow’s shoot setups are in process. The range will also be closed while their shoots
are taking place.

Thank you to the following members:

Trap Shooting Class

Mike Camman, Mike Cyr, Fred Fraser, Gary Tviet, Brent Horschel, Earl Lucas, Pam O'Brian, and Harold Cator for the very successful Trap Shooting class.  So successful the class may be offered again next year.

Club Project Day
The Picasso painters:

Jim Marshall, Bob Hargarther, Barry Taft, Steve Harley, Rico Vitale, Mark Amman, Andy Wiley, Larry Biucci & Scott Koelle.
Carol Deneve & Rodney & Mary Kieffer (also helped wash the club house)
Power washers:
Brent Horschel & Earl Lucas
Carpenter Extraordinaire:
Mike Cyr
Hatch door renovator:
Jack Hall
Drone Pilot:
Bob Hargarther

And lastly, thanks to Warren Diedrick for ordering/picking all needed materials for the